Bringing a Global Dimension to the educational experience of every young person in Yorkshire and Humber
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Inspection Boxes

Primary Race Equality

Equality Stories Recognition, Respect and Raising Achievement
Equality Stories is a practical handbook for planning, staff training and professional development. It features:
• A wealth of photocopiable material
• Advice on how to deliver high-quality training
• Case studies of good practice
• Stories by teachers
It covers consultations with pupils; the power of teacher expectation; theories of multiple intelligences and diverse learning styles; tackling racism in its various forms; and other related issues. Equality Stories s a must for any school serious about its work.
2003, Robin Richardson & Berenice Miles

Citizenship and Muslim Perspectives Teachers Sharing Rights
This publication is about responding to the needs of teachers and schools working in a global and interdependent society. It has been designed to support all teachers, those working in both multicultural and mono-cultural communities. It includes reflections from teachers working in different contexts, about the need and potential for work on Muslim perspectives; background information about Islam and Muslim communities in Britain; ideas, advice and case-study material to support the planning of work on Muslim perspectives.
2003, TIDE / Islamic Relief

Timanyane Let's Know Each Other - Making the Most of School Visits By Artists From Around the World
This publication aims to support teachers in using the affective power of experienced artist/educators from countries of the ‘South’ (Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean) to celebrate the diversity and complexity of other cultures; challenge negative perceptions about people from countries of the ‘South’; raise understanding about world development issues; encourage a greater commitment to global citizenship in the school community; integrate work with Southern artists into the broader school curriculum and help to meet OFSTED requirements. The publication offers practical guidance on how to go about working with an artist. It gives 10 examples of activities for use before, during and after the visit of the artist. It includes a directory of North of England-based Southern artists, and diagrams demonstrating links with the English National Curriculum.
2003, South Yorkshire DEC

Pakistan - Extended Visit Workbook
This full-colour pupil workbook has been developed to recognise and record the learning experiences of Key Stage 2 pupils who are on extended holiday in Pakistan. The exercises are all linked to the National Curriculum for England. One of the aims of the publication is to validate the cultural and geographic experience of pupils of Pakistani heritage and to encourage schools to use this to enrich the curriculum for all.
2003, DEC South Yorkshire

One Day We Had to Run!
The children's stories and paintings in this book give a striking picture of the experiences of refugee children through their own eyes. These are set against background information about Somalia, Sudan and Ethiopia, which helps to explain why refugees have been forced to flee from these countries.
1994, Save the Children/ UNHCR

Anti-Bias Approaches in the Early Years
Every child has the right to live free from discrimination as confirmed in Article 2 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child 1989. Early years practitioners have an important role to play in preparing children to live in today's society. This guide aims to offer some practical guidelines for those who want to challenge discrimination and ensure an equal start for every child. This handbook contains:
• a range of training and awareness-raising exercises for adults working with young children
• examples of children's activities providing opportunities for children to think and reflect on their experiences of differences in relation to ethnicity, disability and gender
• information about useful organisations and resources to support anti-bias practice to suit the need of children and the communities they live in.
2000, Save the Children

Refugees: a Resource Book for 5 to 11 Year Olds
This handbook examines the causes of conflict which force families to flee and explains why they arrive in Britain as refugees. The testimonies of young refugees is included to help children empathize with the difficulties of being uprooted and trying to make a new life in a strange place. . Includes a good range of activities and a separate boardgame and photoset.
1998, Refugee Council

UNICEF Posters
A set of twelve posters produced by UNICEF on the theme of Children’s Rights.

Asian Nursery Rhymes
A lively collection of Bengali; Gujarati; Panjabi and Urdu nursery rhymes in their original languages and in English versions.
Mantra Publishing

Feeling Good About Faraway Friends
Feeling Good is an innovative resource to help pupils explore their own lives in comparison with a Maasai family in Kenya. It aims to encouragestudents to feel good about themselves and their peers, to acknowledge and celebrate similarities and differences in the classroom and beyond. Through participatory activities students cover topics such as daily life, food, clothes, houses and homes, and change.
1996, Leeds DEC

Benin: An African Kingdom
This pack explores the Kingdom of Benin past and present in four 'focus' sections:
• People and their environment
• City and village life
• Court life and government
• Trade and markets
The pack comprises: a teachers' handbook with photocopiable resource sheets and a photocopiable black and white photo set; 24 A4 colour photocards taken in and around Benin; full colour time line (1440-1991) linking key phases of the Kingdom's lifespan to British history; an A2 map of Benin city and Nigeria; an A1 poster of old Benin brass works and present day brass castings.
1995, Nigerian Conservation Fondation, PCET and Channel 4 Schools

Something Else
This is a simple story about a creature called Something Else who is excluded from his neighbour's activities because he behaves and looks different. But then when an even stranger creature tries to make friends with Something Else, he doesn't want to know, until he sees himself in the mirror.
1995, Kathryn Cave

Grace and Family
To Grace, family has always meant her Ma, her Nana and a cat called Paw-Paw, so when Papa invites her to visit him in The Gambia, she dreams of finding the kind of fairy-tale family she has read about in stories. But, as Nana reminds her, families are what you make them.
1997, Mary Hoffman

Nobody Owns the Sky
This is the story of a true-life heroine, Bessy Coleman, who was the world's first black female aviator. Unable to get into flying school in her native America, but refusing to be discouraged, she trained in France and became a dare-devil stunt pilot.
1997, Reeve Lindbergh

If the World Were a Village
Imagine if the world were a village with only 100 people. In this village 22 people speak a Chinese dialect; 20 earn less than a dollar a day; 17 cannot read or write; 24 have a television in their homes; 19 are Muslims. This book helps children to understand the diversity on our planet and is a fascinating read with colourful illustrations.
2004, Oxfam

Multicultural Songs CD Rom
A CD Rom which contains songs from around the globe shown in their original language with English translatin and musical scores. Songs can be hear played on a keyboard or printed out to play for yourself. A map of the world allows you to click on a country to discover facts as well as obtain a song.

From Far Away
The story grew from a series of letters that Saoussan wrote about her experiences of coming to North America from Beirut when she was five years old.
1995, Robert Munsch & Saoussan Askar